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Mobile IV Therapy Services

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Seattle Mobile IV Therapy, a mobile infusion company based in Seattle WA, is here to provide you with nutrient-rich intravenous therapy. Our team of expert medical professionals will come directly to your home or workplace for the treatment that you need. We offer a wide range of treatments including hydration and rehydration IV therapy, vitamin IV therapy, hangover IV therapy – all at an affordable cost! Contact us today if you have any questions about our services or pricing!

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IV Hydration Services

Premier in home treatment services for your convenience and piece of mind

Trust our IV therapy services to come to you! Whether you feel hungover, are fighting off a cold, or just want to boost your immunity before flu season we have all the treatments in home solutions for you.

Treat yourself any day of the week. Our Mobile In-home VIP Team is here to help out! No matter what type of condition or location there is an IV therapy service for you. Get treated right at home and let our private customer care team make sure everything’s taken care of from start to finish. Help restore and maintain your health by availing these quick in-home treatments while keeping your life on track.

Hydration Rehydration Therapy

Hydration / Rehydration Therapy

Vitamin IV Therapy

Vitamin IV Therapy

Hangover IV Therapy

Hangover IV Therapy

B12 Shots

B12 Shots

Glutathione Injections

Glutathione Injections

NAD IV Therapy

NAD IV Therapy

hormone pellet therapy seattle

Hormone Pellet Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

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IV therapy is a type of medical treatment that involves the intravenous injection of fluids and other materials such as nutrients, electrolytes, medications including antibiotics or painkillers, blood products.
Mobile IV Therapy is a branch of medicine that focuses on the use of intravenous fluid therapy to externalize body fluids and substances, as well for therapeutic reasons. The key here is mobility; this technique was created to address situations where patients are away from hospitals or other hospital resources. This type of therapy has been used during times of war (ex – Iraq/Afghanistan) and natural disasters (ex – Haiti earthquake). It’s also utilized when patients require urgent medical care but are too far from regulated facilities.
IV Therapy benefits include rehydration, improved nutrition, cleansing and strengthening the immune system. In addition to these benefits, a rebound in certain nutrients (like magnesium) might occur because of the elimination of toxins from your system.
The process is simple; a needle is inserted into one of your veins which can be done through an arm or another part of the body. This then injects saline into your system and therefore one that puts you back on track with zero side effects.
Benefits of IV therapy can include:
– Restoring electrolyte balance
– Providing fluids and nutrition when oral intake, digestion or absorption is impaired, limited or insufficient
– Supplying medications safely and accurately 
IV therapy could also contain long-term benefits such as preventing dehydration and decreased nutrient levels in the blood. It could also give patients temporary relief from symptoms such as headache, muscle cramps, nausea, fever and dehydration. Furthermore a person receiving treatment might have to have fewer treatments overall. Treatment from a doctor may be more effective because they know what they are treating you with according to your needs. A provider may be able to make adjustments for symptom severity depending on the patient’s individual needs and condition.
IV therapy isn’t just for the chronically ill or hospitalized patients – it’s often used to combat issues related to acute injury, such as maintaining fluids and electrolytes after a car accident, or restoring minerals like calcium after an episode of vomiting or diarrhea from food poisoning. You may also see it being used by people with chronic conditions to boost their blood sugar between meals (such as people with cystic fibrosis), those taking immunosuppressive/chemotherapy drugs, those who are trying to recover from surgery, and pregnant women who have gestational diabetes.
There are many reasons people might need IV therapy. Some of the most common include dehydration, inflammation reduction, body detoxification, increased oxygen levels for patients who have a compromised ability to breathe on their own.
Some of the conditions that commonly involve intravenous therapy treatments are chronic kidney disease, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and diabetes. Other types of intravenous treatment may also be necessary given the individual’s condition like chemotherapy for cancer patients or other medications for people with chronic physical pain related disorders.
A person will often be referred to someone who is able to administer these treatments by their primary care physician or internist if it has been determined they are in need of one or more aspects related to IV Therapy mentioned above.
A mobile IV therapist is someone who provides intravenous therapy to patients. Just like a nurse, a mobile IV will spend time assessing the specific need of their patient. They do this by asking questions and performing medical assessments, which may include inserting an insertion device and injecting fluids into the patient’s vein through an appropriate needle size.
Medical complexities vary from day-to-day for a mobile service provider, but some of the common treatment requests are hydration (IV fluids), nutritional supplements or medications that can be delivered in large volume and require infusion over hours (e.g., chemotherapy). A mobile IV therapist can also deliver these treatments to patients within their homes on behalf of hospitals or clinics without surgical suites.
A large number of people take oral magnesium to address deficiency with the placebo effect in mind. The same goes for intravenous magnesium. Some research indicates that magnesium sulfate found in a shot may be better by avoiding gastrointestinal distress, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting associated with oral tablets or capsules. There is no universal agreement on this, however.
Some other IV therapies include hydration – which is basically Gatorade or Pedialyte meeting the needs of dehydration or fluid loss so common among athletes – hangover treatments like Vitamin B12 infusions; NAD boosters used to combat chronic fatigue; and glutathione for drug detoxification like alcohol withdrawal and opiate addiction (among others).


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